Lesley-Ann Vaughan


Lesley-Ann has been working as emerging markets digital financial services since 2005; She is one of the creators of the M-PESA for Vodafone, as one of the team of 5 technology consultants who delivered M-PESA for Vodafone from concept to launched service, her name is on the patent.  

She was responsible for product managing the supporting technology that delivered to the operational teams the tools to create growth from zero to 20 million active users.  Following M-PESA, Lesley-Ann was Head of Product at a Fintech start-up venture focused on emerging markets solutions.  In the last 5 years she's been working as an independent consultant, working with development organisations such as CGAP (World Bank) & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as with commercial enterprise clients such as Tigo/Millicom, Co-op Bank Kenya, and BTPN Bank, Microsoft (where she works with Microsoft’s banking clients) and Fintechs – focusing on Africa, Myanmar and Indonesia.   

Lesley-Ann is a firm believer in the need for customer-centricity, data driven thinking and holistic service design when creating new services.